Green Building Certifications

Maximize your investment with a green building certification.

Building certifications can boost property values and offer a quality management system for your project.

From design to construction, Keen Living  helps you achieve your sustainability goals with the certification that works best for you.

Building & Project Certifications:

National Green Building Standard (NGBS)

Document your sustainable building practices with a NGBS certification from Keen Living. Owners of high-performing NGBS homes and multi-family properties enjoy the benefits of energy and water efficiency, better indoor air quality, and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

Zero Energy Ready Homes

The Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Homes program recognizes homes that are so efficient that a renewable energy system can offset annual energy consumption.

Keen Living helps your project stay on track to earn its certification so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, comfortable environment with enhanced durability and energy savings.

Indoor airPLUS

An EPA Indoor Air Plus certified home is built to specific standards that minimize occupant exposure to contaminants and pollutants. A healthy home is always ideal, and this certification provides additional peace of mind and value for those who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions.

Keen Living works with partners to ensure your project meets requirements to earn its Indoor Air Plus certification.


As a certified Energy Rater, Keen Living is proud to be an ENERGY STAR for New Homes partner. We work with builders, architects, and trade partners to make sure your building meets high efficiency and quality standards, making your property more attractive for renters or buyers. 

Keen Living can help you earn your certification for:


The Gulf Coast sees our fair share of severe weather. Traditional building and roofing methods leave you vulnerable to damage and expensive repairs. As a FORTIFIED Home evaluator, we make sure new and existing homes meet program requirements for hurricane and high wind mitigation. This protects your loved ones and your property. And a successful certification qualifies you for a discount on your wind insurance premium. 

Keep Your Project on Track with Keen Living Consulting

Keen Living helps you design and build efficient, healthy, durable homes. .

As an energy consultant, we understand how to improve efficiency without creating other problems. Contact us to develop a customized strategy that meets your specific sustainability goals.

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  • NGBS Green Verifier
  • Fortified Home Evaluator™

Technical Services

  • Energy Models
  • HVAC Manual J
  • RESCheck™ and Florida R405-2020
  • Blower Door Testing 


  • Design Review
  • Construction Strategy
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Scopes of Work