Technical Services

We offer technical services including energy modeling on new construction in AL, new construction energy code compliance support, and more.

As a builder, investor, or another vested party in the construction of a new home or business along the Gulf Coast, you deserve to know about every detail of your project, and how your building’s performance will affect energy costs, indoor comfort, and the health and safety of its occupants. With the right plan, buildings can be low cost, efficient, and even net zero.

When you need clear, data-rich answers about your building’s efficiency or energy code compliance, Keen Living is here to help with a variety of technical services.

Energy Models

One of the best ways to estimate your building’s energy use is with energy modeling. Energy models analyze your design under multiple scenarios to help you make informed decisions on efficiency features. By combining model results with onsite verification, clients gain access to tax credits and higher appraisals.

With energy modeling, you will get:

  • Annual Energy Use and Costs

  • Lifetime Energy Costs

  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Efficiency Measures

  • Access to 45L Tax Credits

  • Proof of Code Compliance

  • Energy Rating Index (ERI)

  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Score

Know what to expect from your building project with Keen Living energy models.

HVAC Manual J Calculations

Keen Living takes every detail into account to ensure that your building is outfitted with a correctly-sized HVAC system that will keep occupants comfortable year-round without wasting energy. 

Keep heating and cooling system costs low with proper Manual J calculations from Keen Living.

Full HVAC Design with Ventilation

Keen Living can help with full HVAC Design, including crucial Manual J, S, D, and T calculations to ensure peak performance for your HVAC and ventilation needs. 

RESCheck™ and COMCheck™

RESCheck™ and COMCheck™ calculations help contractors, architects, and builders demonstrate a residential or commercial building’s energy code compliance. These calculations take a lot of information into account, including: 

  • Building structure and envelope

  • Insulation values

  • Mechanicals

  • Lights and Appliances

With these calculations, you’ll receive reports specific to your project for code compliance. Keen Living offers comprehensive RESCheck™ and COMCheck™ reporting services in Alabama. 

Learn more about our RESCheck™ and COMCheck™ calculations.

Performance Testing

Keen Living offers the following tests to give you a clear, data-driven understanding of your building’s performance: 

DET Duct Envelope Tightness & Blower Door Testing

DET Testing assesses the compliance of your new building’s HVAC systems and air sealing. This test is required to meet building energy codes across our service area, and to earn building certification from Energy Star and NGBS.

Ventilation and Filtration Assessment

A ventilation and filtration assessment is included for all projects pursuing Energy Star and Indoor Air Plus certifications. It’s also a standalone service for clients who want better-than-average indoor air quality, or suspect there’s a problem with their current set-up. Call Keen Living and find out how to make your home healthier.

The certified green building professionals at Keen Living have you covered with technical services. Call 251-279-0395 or contact us online to learn more.


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